June 28-"ACID TEST #2" - Highline Trailhead to Packard Lake

NOTE:  If you went through my report on Trip #1 you will note that there were certain difficulties, in part due to having gone through a chemo treatment prior to that effort.  I returned also to find that I had new family responsibilities requiring me to be more than planned in the Provo area.....but to no "GIVE IN....EASILY"  I'm slipping in a quick trip to further get back in shape and acclimatized to higher elevations.

TRIP #1a - HIGHLINE TRAILHEAD to Wilder, Wyman & Packard Lakes  from Saturday, June 28 - June 30 - about 10 miles at moderate elevations from 10,380 ft to 10,000. Top map below.

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  1. Good to see you getting out again. Best of luck with chemo.