Trip #1 - LAKE FORK TRAILHEAD - to Upper Brown Duck Basin - Short-cut to Atwine, Clements,   Stewart, X-78,   Twin, Mud, Aspen, Island and Brown Duck Lakes - back to Trailhead.  10 lakes including some no-name lakes, 25 miles, 3-4 days

Trip #2 - LAKE FORK TRAILHEAD - to East Basin Pass-Basin, Horshoe, Picture, X-83, Three Lakes, Cleveland Pass-Lake, Squaw Basin-Squaw, Shamrock, Diamond, Mid, Rudolph, Tworoose Pass, Lake, Lily, Kidney, Little Dog, Big Dog, back to Trailhead.  16 lakes, 43 miles, 5-7 days.  

rip #3 - ROCK CREEK TRAILHEAD - Rock Lakes, Young, Anderson, Phinney, Ledge, Continent Lakes, Dead Horse Pass, Doug, Boot  and Rconnaissance Lakes, Allsop saddle, back to Trailhead.    10 lakes, 50 miles, 6-8 days  Sorry the following map didn't work well.

Trip #4 - WEST FORK WHITEROCKS TRAILHEAD - Queant, Cleveland Lakes, Fox/Queant Pass, Crescent, Fox, Brook Lakes, North Pole Pass, Taylor Lakes.  7 lakes, 21 miles, 4 days,  Topo Map and elevation profile.

Trip #5 - UINTA RIVER TRAILHEAD - Pippen, Krebs, Chain and Oke Doke Lakes, Roberts Pass, B029, Carrot, Allen, Allred, Roberts, Atwood, U-19, U-22, George Beard Lakes, Trail Rider Pass, Beard, U-75, U-76, Milk, Gilbert, U-79, Verlie, Rainbow, 4 no-name, Davis 1,2 Lakes, North Park, 4 Painter Lakes, to trailhead.  31 lakes, 78 miles, 8-10 days. This map was also too large to work well here, but you'll get the general idea.

Trip #6 - EAST FORK BEAR RIVER TRAILHEAD - Lake Lorena. 1 lake, 9 miles, 3 daysT

Trip #6 - EAST FORK BEAR RIVER TRAILHEAD - Lake Lorena. 1 lake, 9 miles, 3 days

Trip #7 - MIDDLE FK BLACKS FORK TRAILHEAD - G-72, G-74 lakes.  2 lakes, 20 miles, 4 days.  

Trip #8 - EAST FK BLACKS FK TRAILHEAD - Little East Fork alpine lakes.  5 lakes,  20 miles, 4-5 days.  

Trip #9 - HENRY'S FORK TRAILHEAD - Alligator, SawMill, Bear, G-10, G-39, Grass, Island, Henry's, Castle, G-4, Blanchard, Castle, Cliff, G-98 lakes.  13 lakes, 28 miles, 4-5 days.  

Trip #10 - MIDDLE BEAVER CK TRAILHEAD - Hidden, Beaver, Coffin, GR-143 and GR-177 lakes and Thompson Pass.  5 lakes, 26 miles, 4-5 days. 

Trip #11 - MIDDLE BEAVER CK TRAILHEAD - no names lakes west of trailhead.  5 lakes,  7 miles, 2 days. 

Trip #12 - East Fk Blacks Fk TRAILHEAD - East Fk Pass, Red Knob Pass, Crater, Lambert, Oweep, Porcupine Lakes, Porcupine Pass, 3 no-name lakes in upper Garfield Basin, back to Porcupine and Squaw Pases and down Little East Fk to Trailhead.  7 lakes, 48 miles, 7-9 days.  

Trip #13 - HIGHLINE TRAILHEAD - to Pinto, Margo, Governor-Dern, Rainbow, Range, and Jeff Lakes,   and back to Trailhead.   6 lakes,    miles, 4 days.  


  1. Good luck Cordell,
    I thru-hiked the high line trail in the summer of 2009 and agree that Deadhorse pass and the entire Uintah range is truly magnificent country. Hope to get back there someday.
    MAJ Bill Thomas
    Augusta, Ga.

  2. I don't know about little east fork but the pass at the back of East Fork is pretty loose and not really there. I tried to hike up and out of East Fork several years back with my dog and had to turn back because he could not cross the snow covered rock field. The trail into East fork was nearly non-existent as well. Hiking in, it appeared the majority of the trail went into little east fork.