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These slide shows, with narration and background music, tell the story of my effort since 2003 to explore and photograph all of the High Uintas Wilderness--until the end of 2009 having backpacked 1,327 miles. I still have a list of 15 special places I have to get to, some being extremely remote, others being exotic places I have to get back to on the quest for that "perfect photograph." In the summer of 2009, in my 74th year, only 3 trips were made, shown in the GALLERIES section. In 2010 I will be ready for a big summer working on my list, and continue for as many summers as it will take, and/or until I can't strap on a backpack and move up the trail anymore. So expect additions to the website soon.

The slide shows are in reverse chronological order--the most recent and last one first. For 2008 there is an individual show for each trip, from 8 to 20 minutes long each.
The 2007 trips are in one 50 minute show under the title: 2007 Backpacking--THE CHALLENGE: NEVER GIVE IN!

All the trips from 2003 to 2006 are in the one 50 minute show entitled: 1,000 MILE WHIRLWIND BACKPACK IN THE HIGH UINTAS WILDERNESS

As you will see the size of the screen is small, except for the last two with which you can choose full screen, but the quality of the images is lacking. "THE 1,000 MILE..." and "THE CHALLENGE..."  slide shows are available  on DVD's for a small charge. The images of the DVD'S will fill your computer, or TV screen and be better quality. Contact me if your are interested.

Wow--It Got Complicated!  YouTube video #1

Trip No. 6 - Golden Anniversary
Trip No. 5 - Bald Lake
Trip No. 4 - Bald Mt-Lk

Trip No. 3 - Bob's Lake
Trip No. 2 - Grandaddies
Trip No. 1 - Naturalist
The Challenge

1000 Mile Backpack