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In June I'll get back to the High Uintas Wilderness Project
....not to worry--Wed. May 13th...there's still 40" of snow on Bald Mt. Pass....but

For May I'm working like a slave on the 
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Then a few days later the Photo/Essay in English & Spanish
In spite of having had Pneumonia, I'm training for the 
International Half Marathon in Coban on May 22nd,
but now beginning my 81st year it's going slow…..
…..maybe without enough time remaining,
but will be in Guatemala
May 18-30th!

 An Old friend....has doubts about me!  
Check it out at the end of this  post 

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NEW UPDATE: January 29, 2016: 
UPDATE:  October 19, 2015
My effort to get to "Little Andy Lake" going up Henry's Fork...failed.... as I was ambushed by a silent killer...check the photo/essay for important details that can SAVE LIVES!  Here are explained the outcome & future plans as..... 

I'M GOING TO DO IT IN 2016 WHEN I'M 80 YEARS OLD! Read on to see how.

Normal backpacking must continue--as it has so far held at bay the "peripheral neuropathy" that was trying to cripple me....and of course also "old age," so...'ll have to wait a while longer for me "to grow old!"

  So have to  keep alive, and in shape..
....for at least ONE MORE YEAR,  and so I'll continue to scare the heck out of the residents of American Fork by walking around for the next 9 months with what some of them think is a 40 lb.  "explosive vest," like you see below.  I'll do my darndest to make the third attempt "the charm!"

Click below for important discovery & solution

--Giving hope to this old geezer-- 
1.  Work out every day, no matter  the weather conditions- - From Feb. on prepare for the International Half Marathon mentioned next, plus get ready for, the program now is, in addition to "compound weight exercise training,"  & the special "Carb Nite Diet," designed to lose only fat (20 lbs. of it) while building muscle, and workout  every day with 40 lb. weighted vest, doing a type of "interval training," by jogging/walking beginning  with 30 yards....then walk 30 yards, gradually increasing repetitions...up to 25, then increase... 
NOTE: The first time my legs were sore.  
>Then lengthen distance to 50, and now (3/12) 100 yards per repetition, 
NOTE:  Now not experiencing any  soreness as I increase distances & repetitions.  
>Continue to gradually increase repetitions, lengthen the distances, and pick up the pace until down to target weight of 150-55 lbs.  (by end of March).
THEORY:  I would always see overweight guys and gals get to the finish line....some ahead of me!  They had to have incredible muscles under all that fat.  So I'm working on building those kinds of muscles with the 40 lbs. of weighted vest.  Soon I will have lost 20-25 lbs. of fat, while building muscle....then with 20 lbs. less body weight, and taking off the vest, I will essentially be 60 lbs. lighter, but with new muscle--and be able to fly, and then turn to more normal training and be ready for the race, and also backpacking.

2.  The DAILY WORKOUT now, as explained in 1. includes getting ready to compete with the Kenyans....after an 8 year layoff, in the  International Half Marathon in Coban, Guatemala on May 22nd....and be the only 80 year old to do it....SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS from the GUATEMALAN FOUNDATION website.

3.  Get rid of the "bread belly," as explained above--  and be down to my weight at 30 yrs. old

4.  Apply faithfuly all the secrets  in my ANTI-AGING CHALLENGE 
              Be 80, look like 60, and feel like 30!

5.  Backpacking gear will basically be the same as I believe I have the optimum, except I will use light weight trail running shoes.

6.  Reduction of weight strategies will include: 
      a. Photo equipment weight reduction as used in the Henry's Fk. backpack, reducing 4 lbs. from normal photo waist pack & equipment,  and 2 lbs. reduction with no reduction 6 lbs.
       b. No backpack stove/butane, reducing 1 lb.  ;  
       c. Food will  all be high protein/fat/high energy  drinks, plus supplements/vitamin/minerals  only requiring adding water--no cooking, reducing 5 lbs. for 8 days;  Note:  Of course I'll have fail-proof fire starter, aluminum foil & salt shaker.... to cook fish if needed.
     d. No Colt .45 Defender, reduction:  2 lbs. (no need in a high traffic area)

8 DAY BACKPACK = 14 lbs.
That will have my total load around 35 lbs. for 8 days, which, for me, essentially includes  my Nikon camera with 28mm to 300mm zoom & fish-eye lenses.

7. Sufficient food to make possible ample time for high altitude acclimatization.... enough for at least 8 days to not only  make it to "Little Andy Lake," but also achieve exploration of George Beard Basin, & fishing one more time in Beard Lake, and U-75 where I have hooked record brook trout, plus maybe one more try at Cliff Lake and "the alligator-like swirl" attempt at my lure--the greatest ever experienced in fresh water--in "the Land Northward"...... from a native cutthroat trout.
NOTE:  The greatest was by a huge largemouth black bass in a lake near where I lived for 35 years in Guatemala.  Later in the same area a 27 lb. black bass was taken with a spear gun, and weighed at a friend's store.  I imagine it was the one that went after my lure, but missed, which if caught on fishing gear would easily have been a World Record!

8. Prescription "Diamox" to help accelerate acclimatization;  

9.  Extra supplements to strengthen my body's  ability to handle stress and altitude .

10.  Always have emergency survival items like:
*****Satellite phone*****SPOT Tracker****** 
Emergency Medical items for heart emergencies emergency antibiotic, etc.
11. Last, but not least, my buddy Ted Packard insists on going with me.  I think he's afraid I'm just getting too old for this kind of youthful stuff, and thinks he will become famous by SAVING ME!  But.....he's older than who will be saving who?
His son MIKE, is also going....likely having doubts about
both of us old geezers!

FINAL NOTE:  I'm already planning, doing my topo maps, for the backpacks I'll do this summer, after getting to Little Andy tune in to see my 
As you can see this area is all above timberline so I will likely have to wait until  mid-July as otherwise a lake at 12,302 ft. would be frozen over still.
Let me know what you the meantime....
From the Guatemalan Foundation website:

Last of all the ANNOUNCEMENT
The successful flurry of donation activity at the end of 2015 is making possible the foundation doing something that was one for quite a few years, after we returned o the U.S. in 2002, but not possible in recent years.  I'm referring to an "INSPECTION TRIP" to Guatemala each year, which also made possible me participating in the Coban International Half Marathon in May--completing 14 consecutive years of competing against the Kenyans, Ethiopians, & Moroccans.

That's of course a joke….but I did always make it to the finish line. 
The race has grown incredibly from 2,500 runners to now around 15,000, an incredible sight of color filling the narrow streets of Coban.
I will represent the Guatemala Foundation and be the oldest, at 80, who is a "cancer & heart attack survivor," with  3 screws holding together his "football ankle,"   titanium jerry-rigging his "motorcyle knee" and a titanium hip…..and will have the Kenyans quaking in their running shoes!   Likely, "Quaking" with laughter!
I will be able to say "hello and goodbye" to all of our thousands of brothers and sisters, who we have served to the best of our ability, and return with video and photographs to produce an interesting YouTube video, or two, as well as a few interesting newsletters to make  complete our.....
I had an incredible 12 days in Guatemala, which reports will begin to appear on  beginning late today, June 5th.  But the race? Results sent to me via email:
.....but, in the interest of "full disclosure" I have to stick to a vow made when young to never say vulgar words or lies to a woman!
So, the truth is that I tried a week before to see if I was ready, and came up 5 miles short (of the 13 miles), so decided I couldn't risk it....and gave my number to a young friend, David Barrientos,  who did the time mentioned above, who you see above:
But, I was there and took  video and photos.........of the 15,000 runners & 100,000 spectators.......

 ......and  the men's winner from Kenya, who has won here 4 times in a row.......

......and the woman champion also from Kenya......

......and my dear friend Inque Chavarria, we see above,  who did well again as he has done for many years. As well as my son Lito's (CordeLITO Ammon), father-in-law Edgar Pacay (Diana's father), we see below when we visited him in his home in Coban, who did it in 2:08 

BUT....watching it I couldn't help but think.....with my body all reconstructed and now without pain for the first time in 30 years,  "I CAN DO THIS.....SO MY TRAINING HAS BEGUN ALREADY FOR 2017 when I'll be in my 82nd year!"

So my supposed final "ADIOS," turned into an 
"HASTA LUEGO" to all my dear Guatemalan friends.



  1. Glad you're giving it another try Cordell. I know you'll make it!

  2. You are an inspiration! I am 65. Did my two first ever road marathons last year. I did the Highline Trail, east to west through the Uintas last summer, about 70 miles in 85 hours. I might do it again if some of my younger friends can come along with a target of 70 miles in 48 hours. 50 years of unpaid volunteer work in Guatemala is an inspiration also. All the best and may God bless!

  3. Great to hear from you Cordell! Can't wait to see you make it to Little Andy Lake this year. I plan to visit myself one day. Good luck & God Bless!