I"m a couple of days late, but will leave before noon to begin pecking away at my 
400 mile Summer backpacking Schedule.
I will first check out the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, and then:
Drive the Wolf Creek Pass and on to Hanna, Defa's Ranch and see if I can get up Hades Canyon to the Grandview Trailhead to do my Trip #1. I will be flexible and careful in everything I do.
The link to my SPOT Satellite Tracker is below.  I will only send an OK message once I begin hiking up some trail, and then each evening so the family and friends will know I'm still in the game.  I'll call in my first report on KSL OUTDOORS on Saturday at about 6:40 a.m. You can listen online at:


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  1. Mr. Anderson,

    I will be following the progress of your venture up the Grandview Trailhead through Hades Pass. Several members of our family are coming up from Phoenix in less than 2 weeks and are hopeful the trail and pass are open. I wish you the best.

    N Beazer